Hot Spot review: Jerusalem Central Station

A “must see” place for the travelling street photographer is not what you’ll find on the “Lonely Planet guide” or in any other tourist guide. You’ll find it here.

The list of places to see in Jerusalem is too long even if you plan to stay over for a year, but here is a spot that no one in the world will tell you to go see. Jerusalem Central Station.

Here is a short review I wrote after an afternoon workshop today.

Between the bus terminal and the light train deck, is a small crowded square, open to the East and West and shadowed by the terminal from North and a convention Center in the South,the space is like a studio out in the street, especially on the afternoon rush hour that happens to last well into the golden hour at 6:30 pm.

Hundreds of Jerusalem’s commuters pass through this square in waves, crossing the from south to north and vice versa, creating long shadows that help open every photographer’s imagination, all you have to do is pick a side and be sensitive to the different sounds and beat of the street.


In every city throughout the globe, transit centers are the place to be if you are  street photographer, the people on the streets and in a transit state of mind the makes there face reflect their hearts in a sense of freedom, the same freedom that make you, the dude with the camera standing there, totally invisible.

Sometimes you are so invisible that they will walk right through you as they rush to catch the train.

When Golden Hour starts I was waiting on the train deck, using the southbound trains (Har Hertzl train) as a big

to throw shade on my long background that was populated by long shadows of people walking East, facing the sun, and now comes the best part, it is Jerusalem! no matter where you look you can see all that magic that makes visitors want to stay, long history as a religious center to all monotheist religions from when they started and still today makes that spot look like no other station in the world.
With all that said, Jerusalem is also a city where people live, not a simple city and not simple population. A vast variety of colors, cultures,  languages and believes, all living a regular life.

Take one picture with the divine afternoon light in Jerusalem and you’ll feel the holiness of the place right away, it records on your sensor and saves to your card. Take it home with you, share it with your friends.